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About Us

We are a small Aboriginal business located in Alberta, Canada that designs, builds and sells high value tube stereo amplifiers and accessories.


Minimalist Audio

If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please send us an e-mail

Our Rules and Principles

We do not sell anything that does not meet our strict standards for audio quality.

We will not make up information in order to get better sales and we will not be dishonest with any of our products capabilities.

We will not slander any other business for any reason, ever.

We will not try to up-sell you on our best products, instead recommend what would be best for your needs or price point. Because of the price point, we don't offer custom colors at this time.

We always price our products based on the material cost and assembly time, rather than the "going rate" of similar products. We refuse to overcharge for our products and will always sell products of the highest value and quality!

We do not do big sales, though we may occasionally bundle in another product. But do not ever expect a black Friday sale or anything similar.

Contact Information

E-mail: (this is our primary contact method)

Phone: Please e-mail us to arrange a phone call.

Fax: Do many businesses still own one of these? We don't have one.